Here is a link to my GitHub. The code for many of my research projects, written in Python, can be found on my GitHub.

I am an experienced coder in Python. Some libraries I commonly use are: BoTorch, GPyTorch, PyTorch, Numpy and Scipy. I have some familiarity with MATLAB and C++, and used MySQL, MongoDB and Neo4J databases in the past. I am fairly comfortable using Git / GitHub and AWS-EC2 as well.

I am a contributor to the open-source BoTorch package, with my contributions ranging from simple bug fixes to implementation of new modules to support a new class of Bayesian optimization methods. A full list of my contributions can be found here.

During summers of 2016 & 2017, I interned as a data analyst at, where i) I built a web based tool, using Python and Django, for identifying the potential bidders from the data stored in MySQL and MongoDB; and ii) I built a graph database powered by Neo4J, to facilitate a fine-grained relational analysis of transaction data.